Wednesday, November 18, 2015

mero cruise 2015

last november, my brother, evan, called me while i was out running errands. this is what he says to me... "hey em, so we were all talking at thanksgiving about trying to go on a family cruise in march. would you and mark be in?" um yeah! actually, i think i said, "that sounds awesome but let me run it by mark real quick." and then i realized how stupid that sounded...of course mark is gonna want to go on a cruise! oh, and it was going to be over the week of our 14th wedding anniversary. perfect.

march 7th we were on a plane to puerto rico. we stayed the night in puerto rico, ate some amazing local food and explored all the next day before boarding the ship. it was beautiful. someday i'd like to go back and just vacation there.

our stops were: st thomas, barbados, st lucia, st kitts and st marteen.

i'm not sure that i could pick my favorite place. st thomas had the clearest water and whitest sand. we swam with turtles in barbados. took an island tour of st lucia and went to the coolest waterfall. we went zip lining in st kitts and i conquered my fear of that specific moment. and i met the cutest little monkey that i wanted to sneak back home. man, adorable. okay, so maybe i can say that i have a favorite...every time i think back on the most fun i had, st marteen comes to mind. look up videos about people watching planes take off at the st marteen airport. i wish we had a video of it. i haven't laughed that hard in a long time! trust me, look it up.

probably my favorite picture. ever.

left to right: amy, jess, cassie, rachel, laura and me.

extra props to amy and rachel for surviving a cruise while pregnant. and to laura who had just discovered she was pregnant and pretty dang sick.

chillin. joe, evan, mark and me.

st lucia. rachel, me, amy, cassie.

always a good time with mr steve brown. his face!

puerto rico

mark had our room decorated on our anniversary.

see! cutest thing ever.

leaving st lucia.
 I think cruising is my favorite way to vacation. so many cool places without having to pack and unpack at each place, so much food, sunshine and fun!

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Marisa Jean said...

You two are the cutest! I love the idea of a family cruise, and I LOVE the idea of doing it over an anniversary. The picture of you leaning on your arms, looking over the crowds, is beautiful! And seriously, my hat goes off to any one of those pregnant girls. I'm getting nauseous just thinking about it. Blek!