Tuesday, July 15, 2014

california livin

first things first.
the kids and i joined mark in california about a month ago.
about time, right?
i'm sure all my complaining was starting to bug a few people. we are settling in just fine. i love my house and the area. but truth be told, this was the hardest move for me to make. we've lived away from family and friends before but it was never this difficult. i know, i'm never happy! ha! don't want to be in utah without mark, don't want to be away from utah. our neighborhood in utah was the best. period. all my family was living within miles from me. adorable nieces and nephews aplenty! however, i know we are supposed to be right where we are and that makes it a bit easier. but please, come visit us, people! i'm ten minutes from the beach. enticing? any takers? the door is always open.

speaking of the beach, we go at least every sunday but sometimes more. mark and friends play volleyball and then we do some swimming. i can't even tell you the amount of joy i have watching my people enjoy something that i've always loved so much. mark and the kids are mountain people. but they are quickly becoming beach people. it makes my heart happy.

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Marisa Jean said...

Taker!!! I plan to come visit as soon as I can figure out the logistics. You are very, very, very missed. Huge void no one can fill. But man, seeing the elation on your kids faces--makes my heart so thankful you found a place to all be together again. Much love!