Tuesday, June 25, 2013

uncle tommy

dad, grandma and uncle tommy. my wedding dinner. 2001.

you know those people who can make you laugh just by giving you a certain look? or people who can tell stories that can keep you entertained for hours? or people who instantly make friends with the cab driver, waiter or street vendor?

my uncle tommy could do all of those things.

tommy is actually my grandmother's little brother so that makes him uncle to my dad and great uncle to me. but he's closer in age to my dad. they always had a good relationship.

tommy passed away a few months ago. his wife, my aunt kathie, wanted to spread his ashes in the san francisco bay (the bay area is their home and a place he loved dearly) but during the winter months having a memorial on a boat just wasn't going to happen. so she waited. his memorial was held this past weekend. my parents and all my siblings, except joe, flew out to california. no spouses and no kids. just meros.

and it was one of the fastest trips i've ever been on. but man, it was great. lots of old stories, inappropriate jokes, eating way too much yummy food, taking the ferry, visiting with extended family, walking the san fran wharf...and that was just in the first 12 hours. that was how we spent saturday.

sunday was the memorial. about 60 of us boarded a boat and set out to a spot that kathie wanted to spread tommy's ashes. the weather was cold and windy and raining on and off. and super foggy. oh the fog! we joked that tommy was looking down on us and laughing at us fools out in miserable weather. but i also know that if he was looking down on us, he was in tears watching all of us gathered together for him. he was a softy. also something that made him pretty great.

while sailing, a cd of tommy's favorite music played and everyone mingled and laughed and enjoyed the moment. kathie started the memorial by talking about some of tommy's loves, including the san fran giants. a giants flag even flew at the top of the boat. then family members shared their favorite stories about him and talked about how tommy's true love in life was kathie. and that's truth.

tommy is definitely missed. and still loved very much.


Cathy Cassetta said...

Such a wonderful recap of your visit...and great pictures :0) Sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye, you were on a T-shirt hunt, I was told. Did you find anything?

Marisa Jean said...

It always throws me for a loop when someone dies that is the age of my parents. Too young to go. :(

That's really neat to have your whole family in attendance. The story about the compass getting broken (though not included) made me laugh. Sounds like a sweet man that will certainly be missed.

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