Tuesday, June 18, 2013

march, april + may

i like blogging. really, i do.
let's just move past the fact that i've been ignoring this wee little blog.
i'll catch you up on life since march.

12 years of marriage. our anniversary was march 10. a weekend in park city, LOTS of gluten free cheese bread and pizza, outlet shopping and just me and my bearded man. i tell you what, that beard and his unruly curly hair is pretty much the greatest thing ever. not to mention his ability to handle my own special brand of crazy with the amount of patience that he has, he's a good one. i love my mark.

easter. lots of egg dying, candy consuming and a large family dinner. that makes for a good time.

charter school acceptance. after three years on the lottery list, the kids were accepted into american prep academy. some days they are excited about it but most days they are just plain mad at me that i'm pulling them out of their current school. someday they'll see what a wise and wonderful mother they had for putting them in a better school situation. maybe. i hope.

backyard fires in our fire pit. or as we affectionately call it "stump fire." we've been burning down a tree stump and roasting marshmallows on it. two birds with one stone. or something like that. we also have two beehives and five chickens. we're turning into farm folk. not that there's anything wrong with that. but do you know me? animals and campfires...sort of not my thing. however, it's growing on me.

we've been fishing with friends. i've updated some furniture for my bedroom. i redecorated the living room...cause ya know, that's what i do every few months. we've gone to school carnivals. consumed a ton of frozen yogurt. izzy finished her gymnastics class and did a great job at it all year. we celebrated olivia's birthday in april and mark's just a few weeks ago in may. and i realized that i am the same age as my mother was when she gave birth to her sixth child. i was 12 when that happened. my mom was a real mom with real mom responsibilities. know what i mean? how did i get to this point in my life so quickly? mom and i are both freaked out by this.

and just recently, i started selling doTerra essential oils. when you find something that helps your family feel better (including my weird stomach issues...like i've been feeling better than i have in two years) you kinda want to tell other people to give it a try, ya know.

i have pictures to go along with most of those events but i will spare you from all 264 of them. i didn't actually count. i'm sure the actual number is way higher.
but here's a few from the last couple of weeks since school has been out...

^^^spent a day with some friends at tibble fork up american fork canyon^^^

^^^soaking up the sun. these moments. i love them.^^^

^^^first day of summer break = shopping trip. thank you old navy!^^^

^^^mark's birthday present. he was kinda sad when he had his last soda yesterday. ^^^


Stephanie D. said...

So cute and happy! We need to hear from you more Miss Emily!

Marisa Jean said...

I absolutely adore that wood box! Where did you find it?!

Yay for gerting into school and stump fires! I want you to know that I audibly giggle each and every time I say that. Ha ha. Love you guys!