Wednesday, April 24, 2013

olivia rae and her story

before i attempt to catch up on this blog and post all the happenings from march (march was kind to us!), i just wanted to give some attention to my olivia rae.

born april 23, 2004.

she was born nineteen months after ethan. yes, it was planned that way!

i knew, without a doubt, that i was supposed to be pregnant with olivia at a very specific time. i just knew it. can't really explain it.

i talked to mark about it and he was totally supportive of the idea. i was kind of afraid he would freak out due to the fact that he was working crazy hours, in school full time and we were barely hanging on financially. but i think he somehow knew too deep down that this pregnancy was supposed to happen.

and it happened like clockwork.

i stopped nursing ethan, let my body go through one cycle of "that time of the month" and then i was pregnant. i also knew she was a girl before we even found out. and knew what her name was going to be. olivia rae. olivia was a name i loved as a teenager and i thought it was perfect for this little baby girl. rae is a family name on both sides of our families and just seemed to fit with olivia.

my pregnancy with her was easy.
her delivery was easy.

well, you know what i mean. eight hours and two pushes later she was out. much better than the 15 hours and 90 minutes of pushing it took mister ethan to appear.

she had a hard time breathing in those first few moments after delivery. nurses were doing what they could to get her to take deep breathes but she was breathing very quickly and very shallow. soon a few more nurses came into the room. after they attempted to help, the dreaded red emergency button was pushed. it seemed like all labor and delivery nurses (okay, not really but that room filled up quickly) were suddenly in our room. the nurses grabbed mark, placed olivia in his arms (i think to give us a sense that everything was in control) and rushed him down the halls to the nicu. and there she stayed for just over a week. to say that evening was emotional is an understatement. i know that there are families who have had to deal with bigger challenges with a newborn...and i know that olivia's condition was not as bad as it could've been...but it was scary just the same.

olivia's lungs were not expanding properly. she was injected with surfactant, a fluid that coats the lungs and allows them to expand as needed. she was on oxygen and in a plastic bubble for a while. while in the nicu she picked up pneumonia. so every day and night i would sit by her wishing i could hold her. the nurses were heaven sent. i will forever adore the way they took care of olivia and made me take care of myself as well.

after eight days of that, we all went home. olivia was still on oxygen and strapped to an O2 machine. for three months those two things were with us everywhere we went. after six months, liv was a healthy, thriving baby. to this day she hasn't had any more issues with her lungs.

so, yesterday being april 23, she turned nine years old. she is a happy, creative, lovely, spunky, dramatic, music loving gal. she brings a lot of energy and happiness to this family. she has her father wrapped tightly around her fingers. they have a wonderful bond. she is my mini me. that brings me a lot of joy and frustration at the same time! we are grateful she is apart of our little family.

happy birthday, liv!  

coming home

sweetest brown eyed girl