Friday, January 11, 2013

my heart oozes love for these folks

my brother in law, aaron, took some family pictures for us back in september. i posted a few on instagram but completely neglected to post any on this little blog. i love, love, love these pictures of my kiddos. they are beautiful, aren't they? and they are mine! crazy. all three kids are looking too old. when in the world did that happen? it's fun and exciting and completely terrifying all at the same time. sometimes i look at olivia and izzy and my mind jumps into the future where they are sixteen and twelve. what am i going to do with two girls at those ages? seriously, tell me because i have no idea. 
but i'm getting distracted here...
wait, let me add a disclaimer and then we'll move on...
i had just had my stupid iud surgery and still wasn't feeling good but i wanted to get the pictures taken before the weather started to turn ugly. so i'm not wearing what i wanted to wear and color is missing from my already normally pale face. oh, and my necklace broke but i didn't realize that until after the pictures were over. i'm sure a little photoshop can help with all these problems but you're getting the real deal today.
okay, moving on...
these pictures bring me joy. truly. i love those four people i live with more than anything.

these last two i just grabbed from my instagram account...hence the black border. my apologies. oh, and thankfully this is the one family pic where izzy's shoulder is hiding the broken necklace.

aaron has a photography page on facebook if you want to check it out. just go here
i'm hoping we can book him again very soon!

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Marisa Jean said...

Okay, nobody would EVER know you weren't feeling well in that picture. Or had a broken necklace. You look amazing. Your family looks amazing. Beautiful people, right there.