Saturday, January 05, 2013

christmas twenty twelve

i found a lot of joy in christmas this year. i usually do, don't get me wrong, but this year i really felt organized and enjoyed moments about christmas that i seemed to have ignored in previous years. 
i tried to slow myself down and take on little projects that i've been meaning to do. i'm in a crafty sort of mood lately and christmas is the perfect time to put those skills to use, right? i made my own wrapping paper. i loved it! it became my favorite part of preparing for christmas. i posted pics in the previous christmas post. i also made sugar cookies with the kids. i'm not awesome at sharing kitchen space...i definitely need to work on not being such a kitchen hog...but it was a lot of fun. 
also, you know those times when you see something that you could either make or buy for someone and they'll just love it because it has their name written in BIG letters all over it and it's screaming at you to pick it up and buy it already? i felt like that was the majority of my gift buying experiences this year. that hardly ever happens to me! but i would love it if it would keep happening, that's for sure! i'm still just so happy thinking back on all those experiences.

we spent the weekend before christmas down in southern utah with mark's family. everyone was there this year and it was a lot of fun! mark's mom requested that we have a nativity put on by the grandkids and then a family talent show. both were a hit! everyone participated by either singing songs, playing the guitar or reading christmas stories aloud. 
we were also able to meet up with some friends we haven't seen in a long time. definitely a highlight! they just need to be my neighbors already! this long distance thing isn't working out for me very well. but i am grateful to have such wonderful people in my life!
you can't see izzy's wings but she was thrilled to be an angel. also, i may or may not have stolen some of my mother in law's handmade decorations off of her tree before we left. i was dying over them. and how awesome is her peacock on top of the tree?!
the girl's baby dolls from grandma janie
christmas eve was pretty low key. we ran some last minute errands, went out to dinner (a tradition) and then watched 'elf' while we played a game. 
and then life became interesting.
mark woke up at 3am with the stomach flu. poor guy was miserable and didn't sleep a wink. when the kids woke up at 8:30am (i love that they sleep in!), he made an effort to join us for stockings and presents but spent most of the day in bed. i felt so bad for him. 
in the afternoon i went to my parent's house alone to talk to my missionary brother who was calling home. i love that boy. like a lot. he's doing such a great job and it was awesome to hear his voice for awhile.
i then went home with presents for mark to open from my family, watched him open those and then the kids and i returned to my folk's house for dinner and more presents. we missed mark all evening. anyone who knows him knows that he adds so much fun to gatherings like that and he was missed, that bearded man of mine.
but it was still a good night and the kids loved every minute of it! 

most of the grandkids. my mom put together bags for each kid and put their wrapped presents in the bag. after the kids had opened everything, we just gathered up their stuff and stuck it bag in the bag with their name on it. it was perfect! mom is a genius!
after christmas olivia and i ended up with mark's flu as well. oh, and so did a lot of my family and mark's family and some of our friends. it was spreading like wildfire last week! i'm very grateful it's all over now. 
despite the sickness, we had a great holiday! really, it was one that won't be forgotten.
thank you, christmas of twenty twelve, you brought us good memories!


Chalise said...

such a wonderful Christmas and I'm so glad we got to see you guys. Love all the pictures.

Stephanie D. said...

I LOVE your Christmas post. Sounds like your holidays were pretty magical! I too, tried to enjoy the simple things about the holidays. . .it makes it that much better! Even with your bouts with the flu, it sounds like everyone had a great time!

Natalie said...

Love, love, LOVE this post! Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Everyone looks wonderful and great. I'm so sorry about Mark being sick and then you guys getting it too. YUCK. There is nothing worse than being sick for the holidays. : (