Friday, January 04, 2013

becoming purposeful

this is how i documented my 33rd birthday. it was as low key as this picture seems. but that is a post for another day.

i'm doing things a little out of order here. let's talk about the new year before i post the christmas pictures. i've been giving the idea of traditional new year's resolutions a lot of thought lately. 
here's what i decided - i don't like new year's resolutions.
they bug me. 
exercise more. vague. 
be a better person. even more vague.
what i do like about a new year is the symbol of starting something fresh. obviously we can grow and change and start over throughout the year as well but the new year is good place for some of these changes to begin. a new year brings hope. 
so with that in mind, i've thought about who i hope to become this year and throughout the rest of my life.

one word keeps popping into my head - purposeful

i want my intentions and motives to be purposeful.
remember this post? yeah, it's been on my mind for a while.
i can stay busy all day. do ya feel me, moms? we can pick up a room ten times, do the dishes three times and run all sorts of errands all day long. is there a useful purpose behind those things? sure. 
but what about the rest of life?
 my kids need loving attention, friends need uplifting and laughter, small moments are being missed out on. 
so it's gonna be okay if i only pick up the room half the time in exchange for a more purposeful action. now i realize there are some days that go better than others. sometimes all i do is try to survive the day. but even in those moments when it seems rough and the kids won't stop complaining, i want my reactions to be purposeful. i don't want to just yell because i've had enough. i want to react in a useful manner and in a way i would want to be treated. 
yep, purposeful is the word i will carry with me this year.  
it is a motivating, life improving resolution for me.
my intentions and actions toward my family, friends, my church calling and my testimony, my daily tasks, my hobbies and my body will be purposeful or it will not take up space in my life.
this word is already calling me to action. 
to be honest, i tried out this purposeful thinking in preparing for christmas and i feel like it was one of the most enjoyable holidays we've had.
so i'm on board! i'm convinced this will be good for me.
here's to 2013 being purposeful!

spiritual enlightenment that has helped me with this purposeful stuff: click here


Alesha said...

Ewww I like Em. It is so true lots of times there is just so much STUFF that doesn't really mean anything. Good food for thought! Thanks!

Amy said...

You truly write some of my favorite posts. Seriously.

Marisa Jean said...

Like the idea of living with a purpose. You're a genius. Always.

Laurel said...

I knew I wanted to be like you! You can do anything!