Monday, December 24, 2012

chrismas around here

i like my house dressed up in christmas. the lights on the tree make the living room cozy. the best is late at night with all the other lights off, just starring at the tree. am i right? it's peaceful and beautiful. most of the decorations have either been passed down to me from my parents or grandparents or i've made them. there are memories with each one. traditions being carried on or being started with each one. 
also, it's just fun to have a change of pace...something else to look at than what you normally see day in and day out. let's be honest, a tree in the house is just plain cool. 

pre-presents - the night we put it up.

my grandma made this for my family when my siblings and i were all little. it's my favorite christmas thing ever.

remember the pie party backdrop? i didn't want to take it down so it got sucked into the christmas decor.

i made all of the stockings (with my mom's help) and my grandma made mine. i've had it my whole life. and while it would be nice to have all of our stockings match, i'm not ready to give it up.

we are excited for christmas around here. this is the first year in a while where i feel like i'm truly enjoying every minute of the season. don't get me wrong, i'm busy. like super, crazy busy just like most people. there's a lot to do. but i've tried to make sure the important things take first priority.
 it's made a big difference. though it's busy, my actions are purposeful. they will be lasting memories.
 time with family. holiday movie nights. visiting with friends. getting to know more about my neighbors. building relationships. laughing til my face hurts. watching my kids pick out presents with such concern and care for the recipients. watching them serve each other. watching their pure excitement. those quiet, personal moments reflecting on christ's birth.
these are the moments i'm truly grateful for this christmas. 

merry christmas everyone!


Anonymous said...

GOrgeous Emily, just like your face. <3 Natalie Moon

Caitlin said...

Your decorations are so cute! And your presents are wrapped so darling! Looks so cozy! Merry Christmas!

Marisa Jean said...

Most beautiful wrapping I've ever seen. Nothing would be allowed to be opened if that was in my house because it's just too pretty!