Friday, November 16, 2012

one post that should've been a few posts

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i'm really trying to change this habit i've gotten into of posting too many things in one big post.
oh blogging, i love ya...but seem to have a hard time committing to you lately.
i have so many ideas for posts, projects i've been working on, random things i just wanna share...
i really do want to show this blog the love it deserves.
that goes for a lot of things in my life.
i've really been feeling the need to get better organized. i want to focus on those things that will be most beneficial to me and my family. i don't need to do a million things all the time and run around like a crazy lady about to lose her mind. i'm really trying to figure out when that happened anyway...the running around doing too much part. i've strongly believed all my life that i would rather only do a few things in life really well than a hundred things not very well. i don't need to be as busy with all the little things.
i need to focus on my talents. i need to focus on what's going to make my family the strongest in the long run.  i need to help those around me and be a good friend. these will be the things i think about first before i start taking on too much more in my life.
i have good things to offer, not to sound too boastful, but i do.
we all do. i know so many of you have offered and will continue to offer so many of your wonderful talents to benefit those around you. i've felt your influence in my life and i appreciate it with all my heart.
point of long rant: focus on the good meaningful things. i can and i will.

now on to catching you up...

santa's smallest helper.

this hat played music. be assured that we left the store without purchasing it.

trying to load the cart with christmas candy. can't blame her. but we still have halloween candy. one holiday candy at a time.

kids happened to have the day off from school when the first major snowstorm hit. they loved every minute of it.

this has pretty much been my hairstyle lately. my hair is longer than ever and sometimes it just needs to get out of my way. oh, and i'm too lazy to wash it more than once a week.

you better believe this happened! i went with my sister, brother in law and my sister's bff. so much fun!

alesha, me, steve and laura.

VIP action. i was thinking i could just wear this all the time and that way i might earn a little respect around the house. izzy acting up? just flash the VIP tag and she'll have to shape up because a very important person needs to be minded. but then i remembered that she's four and i live in the real world and there's no way that could ever happen. a girl can dream.
thoughts on the last twilight movie? here's my opinion. i liked it above all the other movies. i liked the way they molded the characters. bella is a way better vampire than sickly looking teenager. i liked the storyline. i liked they way they wrapped it all up nicely. i liked the better than normal acting. and i liked looking at pattinson for two hours...but let's face it, i've always liked that. it's been fun over the years to attend these premieres. i think i might miss it a little.


Stephanie D. said...

I love EVERYTHING about this post from beginning to end! You are absolutely 100% right about Bella, she grew up to be a good mature adult. The movie did a really good job of illustrating that. And the cottage?! PERFECTION. My dream home. . .small, cozy, perfection in the details! Okay, I don't know why I'm going on and on about this . . .maybe bc I'm going to miss it?!

I do like how you said that a lot of people have some really good things to offer. . .I've been seeing and thinking about that a lot in my life. Basically, I'm trying to just enjoy the little things like you said :)

Keep blogging because I like you hear your insightful words. . .the world needs more Emily!

Marisa Jean said...

I'm sure Stephanie Myers will come put with some more books and you'll get to wear that VIP badge once again. :) haven't seen the movies because after the first, I vowed never to watch another. The expressionless Bella and sparkly vampires were just a little too much for my mocking nature.

By the way, I think you have always offered a lot. I just don't think you recognize you doing so. And thank goodness, for your sanity, you left that musical hat at the store. You'll thank yourself.,..eye twitch.

P.S. what the freak? I can't go two days without washing my hair or I look like a bucket of grease. I kind of hate you.