Monday, October 29, 2012

family halloween party

laura and i decided about a week ago that it would be fun to get the whole mero gang together for a halloween party. initially, we thought the kids would be the ones having the most fun with it. but let's face it, we were the ones who really wanted to dress up and have some fun! it was mandatory that everyone dress up. what's the point of a halloween party where you don't dress up, right? man, our family didn't disappoint! also, we're all super competitive and there was a best costume award up for grabs...

side note: the quality of some of the pictures aren't great. that's what you get with an iphone camera and bad lighting. live and learn. i'll set up the photo booth area a little better next year. and i tried to make the pics look a little smokey...yeah, not so much. also, i missed getting some pictures so this isn't everyone. i need to get better at being an organized host so that i don't miss out on some of the party while it's happening. okay, i'm done pointing out all my faults!

indian and cowboy
they were each other. my brother cam and his wife rachel. baby zebra lexy. we were all dying when they walked in!

he couldn't take the extensions halfway through the party. still very pretty though! seriously, he's 6'4''. i laughed all night.
polygamists. my brother evan and his real wife jess (left) and his sister in law kilie. i LOVED this idea! they nailed every detail down to the hair and keds with socks.

my dad and mom. the kids were terrified of my dad. he was forced to take the mask off so that little kids would stop screaming. but my mom looks cute!

power rangers. my brother brigham and his wife amy.

a witch cooking something up in the kitchen. my sister laura.
baby emmitt the tiger. my brother evan's son. adorable!

our jack o lantern pizza - we had SO much fun halloween food. everyone felt like they gained 10 pounds.
the winners of the costume contest (by one point) was my brother cam and his wife who dressed as each other! cam says that was a one time thing that will never be happening again. ha! he kept asking how in the world girls can have long hair cause he couldn't take it being in his face all night. 
oh i love it! 
this will definitely be a new tradition. every minute of it was so much fun!


Alesha said...

Cute Em! I may have to invite myself next year/ ;) I do think I am part of the family haha.

Stephanie D. said...

Looks so fun!! I love LOVE Halloween! PS that first picture of you and Mark is priceless/hilarious/adorable!