Saturday, September 29, 2012

summer picture round-up

hello there. 
yes, i finally remembered that i have a blog. ugh. i'm so far behind in most aspects of my life lately...but let's not go there. 
first, i'm feeling better. i'm pretty much back to feeling like me again. can i get a "yahoo!" 
let's just say that recovery mixed with gnarly pain meds sprinkled with insane hormone changes doesn't make this chick a very fun person to be around. 
just ask mark. actually, don't ask mark.
it's been a frustrating (and somewhat tear filled) four weeks, to be perfectly honest. 
but enough of that...

let's move on to the fun stuff, shall we? 
i was going to break up all of these pictures into little posts but i'm thinkin i'll just go for it and overwhelm you with pictures. also, a lot of these i've already posted on instagram so i apologize for the repeats. 
and here we go...
lots of library trips

saturday mornings at the farmers market

slip n slide fun on the days we weren't sitting at the pool all day

late summer nights where izzy put herself to bed on the couch after long days
izzy had her fourth birthday. my baby is four?!
i also signed her up for a gymnastics class. the hour she spends there every thursday is the highlight of her week.
ethan's birthday is two days after izzy's. so we did a little more celebrating. not a picture of: mark and i taking ethan and his friend, kayden, out to dinner and then to see the new spiderman movie.

ethan requested dirt cake instead of a regular birthday cake. fine by me!

also during the birthday week, we went down to thanksgiving point in lehi and toured the gardens. it was beautiful.
up next, vegas! my dad made the three day trip happen by getting rooms for those of us who could make it. so much fun! pictured up top, left to right: my sister laura, me, mark, my brother cam, my sister in law rachel and my mom. my dad made the cut for the picture on the bottom.

just us girls hangin in the casino. we have twilight vampire eyes for some reason.

eating out has got to be a vacation highlight for me. no cooking and cleaning up? yes please!
vegas bingo! cam is the only one of us who won anything. that's a frustrating, and highly addictive, game.
a few days after vegas, my sister and i participated in the 'kiss me dirty' mud race. as you can see i copied this pic from their website. i'm sure we'll do the race again next year. it was a lot of fun!

and then school started and ruined all the summer fun. actually, my kids love school so they were happy to get back to it. can you believe i have a 5th grader? craziness. 
so, there you have it. our summer in a nutshell. summer was kind to us and we had a lot of good times. however, i'm completely ready for fall! bring on the cooler temps, football games and holidays!

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Marisa Jean said...

All those images are making me long for summer again--just not the horrible heat.

I love the Las Vegas pictures. What a fun family trip.

And the one of Izzy asleep makes me cute!

I want that worm cake, for real!

This is a very choppy comment. Sorry. Just too much to comment on!