Friday, August 10, 2012

just a few things that are keeping me busy...and in my pajamas

has anyone else been glued to the tv during this olympics?
i can't get enough of it.
i pretty much let the tv run all day...and all evening...and i've been staying up til 2am watching replays of whatever i happened to miss during the day due to errands or children or whatever.
and now that i'm admitting to this, i feel a little crazy. but i'll just go with it!
i love the olympics, especially the summer olympics. i love the stories of the athletes and watching them accomplish something they've literally worked their whole lives for.
i admire the dedication.
i've been really hooked on swimming, gymnastics, diving, rowing, water polo (that's just insane!), weight lifting, track and field (is mr. bolt for real?!) and indoor volleyball. however, my real olympics watching passion belongs to women's beach volleyball.
misty and kerri.
enough said.
 they are beyond awesome.
april and jennifer were really fun to watch too but my girl crush lies with misty and kerri.
if i were only 18 inches taller...and athletic...all of my beach volleyball dreams could've been realized. but i'll just have to remain a short, nonathletic fan from my couch in my living room.

also keeping me busy lately was this book. i highly recommend it. it's inspirational and lovely. i admire stephanie's dedication to her family, especially her children. her dream growing up was to be a mother. mine too. that's not a popular desire in this day and age. but even through all of her personal struggles after the plane crash that changed her life (i can't even imagine going through everything she has!), she was determined to be a good mother for her children. i really appreciated reading this. 

this look is my "what have i gotten myself into" look.
 and the thing that has been keeping me the busiest is painting. after a long time of wishing i had the time for home improvement projects, i'm finally doing them. i painted the dining room and living room. i bought some new lamps, pillows, decorative plates and prints and frames to kinda give the place a new look. it's not quite done yet. i'll post some pictures when it is. next up (once my arms recover) is the basement. that space pretty much belongs to the kids. it's in need of some attention. 
i have big plans, people! fingers crossed i can get it all done.