Monday, July 09, 2012

family history found among the trees

our camping spot was picked with a purpose. 
we went to fish lake here in utah. 
as i mentioned before, mark's grandpa used to herd cattle in that area. 
his name was harvey williams. and he would tag trees with his name and face as he herded. 
when mark was growing up, his family would camp in that area and tagged a few trees of their own. now it was time for the grandkids and wives to add their names. 
it was a bit of a hike to get to the specific grove of trees. but i will admit, it was the highlight of the trip for me. my kids felt like they were explorers and got a kick out of crossing over water and climbing over fallen trees. and it was great to see mark and his family remembering the past and enjoying that time together. 
my brother in law, aaron, was our photographer for the trek. i love every one of these pictures. i'm glad that we were able to capture that moment. 
ready? there's a lot...

it's hard to read but it says david 83. david is mark's middle brother. he would've been two years old on that trip.

this is their grandpa harvey's tag.

before we left camp, we took a few family pictures. 

bottom row left to right, in relation to mark: youngest brother aaron holding scooby, dad brent, mom janie, nephew caleb, brother david, sister in law lis and nephew roman. and the top row should look familiar.

all the williams grandkids
i'm glad we were able to participate in that experience as a family. it'll be fun to go back when the kids are older and check out our names carved into the trees.

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Marisa Jean said...

Tagging rebel, you. I'm totally turning you in for vandalism! Ha ha...actually I think it's really cool you did that, and got to see the old markings.