Friday, July 06, 2012

camping williams style

last weekend we went camping. 
yes, camping. 
yes, i went. 
i'm not a camper.
i'm pretty sure everyone who knows me is very familiar with that fact.
camping isn't my idea of a vacation.
not. at. all
my family really wanted me to go. and the camping spot was going to be in the same area where mark's grandpa used to herd cattle. this was a family history trip. more on this later.
okay, i went.
and i will admit, i had a little fun. 
the trip didn't start out well. 
we got there really late at night and had to set up in the dark. 
also, liv was sick from the altitude. 
like whenever she moved she thought she was going to throw up. 
poor girl. 
thankfully, she adjusted and was able to enjoy more camping than not.
i was determined here, people! those little hiccups weren't going to throw me off. 
and i'm glad they didn't. 
i'm not going to say that i'll be camping again anytime soon but it was better than i thought.
hanging out with my kids, watching mark enjoy fishing with his dad, catching up on my magazine reading, eating almost the entire bowl of caramel popcorn all by myself (camping food is pretty tasty!) and taking an adventurous hike with the whole gang (that will come later too) are just a few highlights.
camping: not awesome, not so bad either.

 i came home sunburned, filthy and exhausted. i think i did camping the right way.    

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Natalie said...

You know, when I was a kid, we camped a lot as a family. We actually lived in a tent for a while too. And don't forget the school bus. ; ) And all of that really made me hate camping. I hated it... Until Joe and I took our little family camping with some really great friends. Camping for fun is way different than what we did as a family many years ago. The food was great, the kids could just get dirty and I didn't care and we slept pretty good on our air mattress too. Camping can be enjoyable if it's done with the right people.

I'm glad you had an okay time and there was some relaxing involved. : ) and you look HOT when you're roughin' it!! Haha! Showers are still really awesome though. Loved your toe polish!