Thursday, June 07, 2012

photo-a-day: a trip to the library

this is what a trip to the library looks like for me. 
one book. 
too many magazines. 
a few movies. 
i used to be a big reader growing up. however, since having kids, it's been put on the back burner. 
i even started a book club a few years ago with some friends and it didn't last very long. not because they didn't read the books (well, some of the anyway), but because i wasn't reading the books. 
from time to time i pick up a book and make another good attempt at being a dedicated reader. 
but i just can't go uninterrupted for very long. 
you know how i got through books like twilight and hunger games? 
besides the fact that they are both insanely easy reads, i had a reason to be sitting. 
izzy was a newborn and nursing 24/7 (or so it seems!) so i would sit, feed her and read. 
during hunger games, i had the flu. i literally couldn't do anything but lay in bed and read. 
so you get the point. 
that's why magazines are so stinkin cool.
it doesn't matter if i get interrupted a million times and it takes a few days to get through it. 
it's fluff. 
i don't need to focus on it. 
they also make for good conversation pieces at the pool. 
something like, "can you believe the outfit this chick is wearing?" 
fluff is easy. 
someday i'll get back to reading for real. 

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Marisa Jean said...

The only series I've read since becoming a mother is Hunger Games, while I was nursing. Maybe this time around, I'll get another book read during the same time. I miss reading!