Saturday, June 09, 2012

photo-a-day: photo shoot

my girls love to come up with their own outfits. 
i'm pretty sure even izzy thinks i have bad taste when it comes to picking out her clothes. 
olivia should've been a kid with me in the 80s. 
we would've had a good time. 
she loves her mismatched socks, side ponytails and loud colors. 
oh, and anything that sparkles. 
here's a little impromptu photo shoot from last night to show you just what i mean.
side note: liv didn't have shoes on here but when she did put shoes on, they were her blue and pink flower keds.
it's just too bad that they don't have a ton of personality. 
*wink, wink*
holy cow. 
their teenage years are going to be interesting.
i love my girls.


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! Look how sassy they are in the bottom left hand corner! I love it!!

Marisa Jean said...

Nothing like shorts with tights under. Too cute!

I love Izzy in these. Ha ha. She makes me laugh!