Saturday, June 23, 2012


i have been on the hunt for a little white ceramic owl for a while now. 
who doesn't want cuteness like that sitting on a shelf in their home? 
i just couldn't seem to find the perfect one. 
my cute friend steph came to my rescue last week! 
i received a text message from her with a picture of two ceramic owls. 
one was white.
i asked her where she was shopping because i needed to go buy that little owl that very minute. 
side note: if you can't get excited about the small things in life like a ceramic animal, what can you be excited about? appreciate the small things people! 
back to steph...
she lives in vegas and was shopping at west elm. 
salt lake doesn't have one. bummer. 
but i looked it up online and thought about ordering it. as i'm looking at it online, steph texts me back and asks for my address because she's buying it and shipping it for me. 
holy cow! 
she is a great friend indeed!
 see, i told you he was cute. 

also, later that day, i was shopping at michaels craft store and saw these in a $1 bin.
owl notepads! i love my owls and my notepads. the two combined are awesome.


Marisa Jean said...

Okay, she's an awesome friend. That sucker is ssssooo cute! And I don't even like ceramic stuff normally.

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