Sunday, June 17, 2012

nine things i've learned this week

my kiddos will be back in a few hours from spending the entire week with my in-laws. 
i'm looking forward to seeing them. 
little breaks like this are good for everyone. 
they've enjoyed being spoiled by grandma and mark and i have enjoyed uninterrupted time together. 
a good mini vacation for all.
here are a few things i've learned this week in my no kid zone home:

 i really enjoy being alone. it's slightly alarming how much i've enjoyed it. since i work from home now, i was left here all day to myself. i got a lot done. mark's comment - "okay, so i guess it is the kids who slow you down during the day and you aren't just lazy." enter eye roll and laughing from me.

given the opportunity to go out for frozen yogurt four nights in a row, i will. i can't. stop. eating. it.

 even without kids, we found ourselves at the shaved ice shack on saturday. raspberry coconut is my new favorite mix of flavors.

 mark and i will be okay when the kids grow and leave the house. we won't be that couple that wonders what's left in life now that the kids are gone. the two of us will be just fine.

 after spending a day with mark at work (drove to eastern utah. that's 12 hours in the truck together!), i appreciate the hard work he does even more. all that driving day after day would bug the crap out of me. he's kind of awesome for being able to do that.

 my grocery bill for the week went way down. our eating out bill went way up.

 i cleaned the house at the beginning of the week and it stayed clean. crazy, right?

i didn't go to the pool once. originally i thought that's where i would be spending my afternoons. no kids, just laying out and reading. nope. didn't happen. baffling. 

 i would IM with my kids via google chat almost everyday. those little conversations were quite entertaining. and a little mushy. my kids miss me when i'm not around. and i totally miss them too. 

they are some of the good ones, those kids of mine. 


Chalise said... sweet. Breaks are great, it's great to see what we have and enjoy it. Wouldn't it be nice if a house stayed clean like that all the time...Oh I wish...

Natalie said...

There's nothing like an awesome break to show you what you love and adore about your life. How fun for you guys though. You truly deserved it! Your kids are so cute!!

Stephanie D. said...

I love this!!! You do have a great group of kiddos :)

Marisa Jean said...

So nice to have breaks, but so nice to see our kids, too. And I can only dream of having yummy frozen yogurt a few times in one week. Sounds like heaven! :)