Friday, June 01, 2012

gluten free pizza muffins

for a while after i started eating gluten free, i would make my family dinner and then go pick up a salad for myself. 
but taking care of two dinners a night is annoying. 
let's be honest, having to think about one dinner a night can be annoying sometimes. 
so i started to do some research on making gluten free dinners that we could all enjoy together. 
sometimes all it takes is a few little tweaks here and there to recipes i already use. 
sometimes i start from scratch with totally new recipes. 
starting from scratch can be expensive. 
have you seen the price of gluten free pasta? it's not pretty. 
this recipe is one of the first i ever tried for the family. everyone loves pizza, right? these are pizza muffins. i use gluten free bisquick to make them. 
i spied the recipe here
it's quick and easy to throw together and we all love it. 
it's the only bread i ever eat. it's heaven.
ingredients: gluten free bisquick, mini pepperoni, walmart brand pizza sauce and shredded cheese. everything is gluten free!

they don't look awesome in the picture...but they are awesome to eat! 
side note: the recipe says to double it for 20 muffins but that would require buying two boxes of bisquick. it's kinda expensive. so i just make one batch. i still get 12 muffins. and when i serve it with sides, we usually don't even finish the 12. 
also, i put a little bisquick in the pan, put a layer of sauce and cheese, more bisquick, more sauce and cheese and then add the pepperoni. i think it tastes better layered like that.


Stephanie said...

You should not be sharing this stuff with your family!! Save it for you!! It's so expensive...a girl's gotta eat!

Sarah said...

I didn't know there was GF Bisquick!! Can you find it at Walmart?

Marisa Jean said...

Yummy! But I'm surprised to see cheese with yours.

Anonymous said...

The recipe you linked to isn't available- any chance you could post it here instead?