Saturday, June 23, 2012


i have been on the hunt for a little white ceramic owl for a while now. 
who doesn't want cuteness like that sitting on a shelf in their home? 
i just couldn't seem to find the perfect one. 
my cute friend steph came to my rescue last week! 
i received a text message from her with a picture of two ceramic owls. 
one was white.
i asked her where she was shopping because i needed to go buy that little owl that very minute. 
side note: if you can't get excited about the small things in life like a ceramic animal, what can you be excited about? appreciate the small things people! 
back to steph...
she lives in vegas and was shopping at west elm. 
salt lake doesn't have one. bummer. 
but i looked it up online and thought about ordering it. as i'm looking at it online, steph texts me back and asks for my address because she's buying it and shipping it for me. 
holy cow! 
she is a great friend indeed!
 see, i told you he was cute. 

also, later that day, i was shopping at michaels craft store and saw these in a $1 bin.
owl notepads! i love my owls and my notepads. the two combined are awesome.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

nine things i've learned this week

my kiddos will be back in a few hours from spending the entire week with my in-laws. 
i'm looking forward to seeing them. 
little breaks like this are good for everyone. 
they've enjoyed being spoiled by grandma and mark and i have enjoyed uninterrupted time together. 
a good mini vacation for all.
here are a few things i've learned this week in my no kid zone home:

 i really enjoy being alone. it's slightly alarming how much i've enjoyed it. since i work from home now, i was left here all day to myself. i got a lot done. mark's comment - "okay, so i guess it is the kids who slow you down during the day and you aren't just lazy." enter eye roll and laughing from me.

given the opportunity to go out for frozen yogurt four nights in a row, i will. i can't. stop. eating. it.

 even without kids, we found ourselves at the shaved ice shack on saturday. raspberry coconut is my new favorite mix of flavors.

 mark and i will be okay when the kids grow and leave the house. we won't be that couple that wonders what's left in life now that the kids are gone. the two of us will be just fine.

 after spending a day with mark at work (drove to eastern utah. that's 12 hours in the truck together!), i appreciate the hard work he does even more. all that driving day after day would bug the crap out of me. he's kind of awesome for being able to do that.

 my grocery bill for the week went way down. our eating out bill went way up.

 i cleaned the house at the beginning of the week and it stayed clean. crazy, right?

i didn't go to the pool once. originally i thought that's where i would be spending my afternoons. no kids, just laying out and reading. nope. didn't happen. baffling. 

 i would IM with my kids via google chat almost everyday. those little conversations were quite entertaining. and a little mushy. my kids miss me when i'm not around. and i totally miss them too. 

they are some of the good ones, those kids of mine. 

Saturday, June 09, 2012

photo-a-day: photo shoot

my girls love to come up with their own outfits. 
i'm pretty sure even izzy thinks i have bad taste when it comes to picking out her clothes. 
olivia should've been a kid with me in the 80s. 
we would've had a good time. 
she loves her mismatched socks, side ponytails and loud colors. 
oh, and anything that sparkles. 
here's a little impromptu photo shoot from last night to show you just what i mean.
side note: liv didn't have shoes on here but when she did put shoes on, they were her blue and pink flower keds.
it's just too bad that they don't have a ton of personality. 
*wink, wink*
holy cow. 
their teenage years are going to be interesting.
i love my girls.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

photo-a-day: a trip to the library

this is what a trip to the library looks like for me. 
one book. 
too many magazines. 
a few movies. 
i used to be a big reader growing up. however, since having kids, it's been put on the back burner. 
i even started a book club a few years ago with some friends and it didn't last very long. not because they didn't read the books (well, some of the anyway), but because i wasn't reading the books. 
from time to time i pick up a book and make another good attempt at being a dedicated reader. 
but i just can't go uninterrupted for very long. 
you know how i got through books like twilight and hunger games? 
besides the fact that they are both insanely easy reads, i had a reason to be sitting. 
izzy was a newborn and nursing 24/7 (or so it seems!) so i would sit, feed her and read. 
during hunger games, i had the flu. i literally couldn't do anything but lay in bed and read. 
so you get the point. 
that's why magazines are so stinkin cool.
it doesn't matter if i get interrupted a million times and it takes a few days to get through it. 
it's fluff. 
i don't need to focus on it. 
they also make for good conversation pieces at the pool. 
something like, "can you believe the outfit this chick is wearing?" 
fluff is easy. 
someday i'll get back to reading for real. 

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

photo-a-day: homemade frozen yogurt

yesterday i spent a lot of time in the kitchen. 
the weather was kind of yucky and it just seemed to be a good day to have the oven on. 
a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. check.
not eating the cookie dough even though it was super, super tempting. check.
preparing food for tin foil dinners. check.
realizing after that i didn't have tin foil. check.
still managing to make a yummy dinner out of the ingredients anyway. check. 
and then mark came home in the mood to make frozen yogurt. 
back to the kitchen we went. 
we've never made homemade ice cream before so this was kind of exciting for us to try. 
the kids loved watching the entire process. 
surprisingly, it turned out! 
now we are dreaming of all of the different flavors and combinations are can make. 
i can't wait!
now if we can just get the weather to warm back up (it's currently 55 degrees), i think we'll be making this as much as possible throughout the summer and enjoying it out on the porch in the evenings. 
sounds pretty awesome to me.

Monday, June 04, 2012

photo-a-day: summer break

first day of summer break. 
kids slept til 10am. 
first trip to the pool. 
not too shabby.
it was 97 degrees today. 
yeah, the pool was a must.
mark made the comment tonight that i'm more in my element in the summertime. 
i'm more relaxed. 
mostly i think he likes that i'm in skirts all the time.
but that's just between you and me.
he's right though. 
what's not to love about summer? 
yep, i couldn't think of anything either.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

photo-a-day: shaved ice

tonight we made a trip down to the shaved ice shack with two of my brothers and their little families. i love spending time with these folks. and adding shaved ice to the mix just makes for a great saturday evening.

Friday, June 01, 2012

photo-a-day: favorite video

the title of this post should be more like video of the day. 
but since i stink at this photo-a-day thing anyway, let's just go with it, shall we?
i love this. 
it'll make you happy. 
i promise.

gluten free pizza muffins

for a while after i started eating gluten free, i would make my family dinner and then go pick up a salad for myself. 
but taking care of two dinners a night is annoying. 
let's be honest, having to think about one dinner a night can be annoying sometimes. 
so i started to do some research on making gluten free dinners that we could all enjoy together. 
sometimes all it takes is a few little tweaks here and there to recipes i already use. 
sometimes i start from scratch with totally new recipes. 
starting from scratch can be expensive. 
have you seen the price of gluten free pasta? it's not pretty. 
this recipe is one of the first i ever tried for the family. everyone loves pizza, right? these are pizza muffins. i use gluten free bisquick to make them. 
i spied the recipe here
it's quick and easy to throw together and we all love it. 
it's the only bread i ever eat. it's heaven.
ingredients: gluten free bisquick, mini pepperoni, walmart brand pizza sauce and shredded cheese. everything is gluten free!

they don't look awesome in the picture...but they are awesome to eat! 
side note: the recipe says to double it for 20 muffins but that would require buying two boxes of bisquick. it's kinda expensive. so i just make one batch. i still get 12 muffins. and when i serve it with sides, we usually don't even finish the 12. 
also, i put a little bisquick in the pan, put a layer of sauce and cheese, more bisquick, more sauce and cheese and then add the pepperoni. i think it tastes better layered like that.