Thursday, May 31, 2012

vegas in iphone pictures

a full van. we dropped the kids off with my in-laws before heading to vegas.

my view
stopped in st. goerge to walk the temple grounds. no, the temple is not leaning. that's just my awesome picture taking skills in action.

in front of the temple
just chilling for a bit

view from our room. love the bellagio water show!
my vegas pals walking the bellagio garden

bellagio garden. that bee is made entirely of flowers.
met up with my friend steph who lives down in vegas. despite being super early in the morning, isn't she cute? we enjoyed an awesome breakfast buffet and caught up on life.

cam and brigham enjoying the pool

rachel, amy and me. i promise i'm not cold. stupid bathing suit.

candid at the m&m store

one entire wall of the store was like this. heaven.

hanging at the pool with my cute mark

trying to be cool
dinner at rainforest cafe at the mgm. best dinner i've had in a long time.  i guess mark wasn't happy with how long the wait time was.
vacation is awesome. when can i do it again?


Stephanie said...

I (We) really LOVED meeting up with you guys! Next time let's plan ahead and make it can always stay with us a few days too! And let's get Laura's cute butt down here too!

PS- You and Mark get cuter and cuter...if that's even possible!

Stephanie said...
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Marisa Jean said...

Okay, don't be weirded out by this, but seriously, you are all some of the most beautiful people. Lucky!

Those pool side pictures are making me jealously ill. I don't know if that's a real phrase, but I'm using it. You deserve the break. :)