Tuesday, May 22, 2012

photo-a-day: messy bun

i'm not a big fan of having my hair up.
mark would love for me to have it up all the time. something about seeing my neck more...but we won't get into that.
i mostly don't care for it because my hair is insanely thick and incredibly long these days.
i generally end up with a huge headache within an hour just from the weight of it.
but ya know, there are just some days that require it to be up.
for example, like today, i didn't feel like washing it. and it's crazy hot outside.
so hair goes up.
i really do wish i was good at putting it up though. messy bun seems to be about the extent of my abilities. try as i might to follow every hair tutorial on pinterest that i can find, it just doesn't seem to work out for me.
so the messy bun and i are best friends.


Laurel said...

Well the messy bun is beautiful. And you do have a stunning neck.

Stephanie said...

You do have a great neck! Embrace it! I am with you though..the hair tutorials = epic fail!

Marisa Jean said...

My hair is so thin that having it up rarely gives me a headache. How I'd love to get one just because my hair was pretty and thick.

I've seen your hair up once. Wait, now that I see this picture, I'm increasing that to two times. You look perfect no matter what you do. Lucky.