Wednesday, May 23, 2012

photo-a-day: gluten free

gluten free. 
partially dairy free. 
this is my new way of life. 
i've been getting sick after eating most meals for over a year and a half now. 
i've been to many doctors and have had many tests. 
a few weeks ago i was in the hospital for cancer testing. they didn't find any, thank goodness. 
but they also can't find other answers as to why i might be getting sick all the time. 
i noticed a few months ago that when i avoid gluten foods i feel better. even though the celiac tests have come back negative, my doctors have asked me to live as if i have gluten issues. 
so i am
there's been a huge change in the way i feel lately. 
it's so wonderful to not be sick within minutes of eating something!
occasionally, like last night, i end up eating something i shouldn't and pay the price. 
but, for the most part, i'm figuring out what my body is okay with and what it can't handle. 
i've heard it can take a few years to really understand the gluten free lifestyle. 
hey, if i can avoid being sick on a daily basis, i'm willing to put the time into learning how to eat properly.

i have to add...
this has put a big damper on my baking. 
i love baking. 
and i still do it. 
but i can't eat it.
that's been extremely frustrating for this baking chick. i've been known to take a bite and spit it out just so i can get a taste for it, especially if i've never made the recipe before. don't wanna serve something nasty, right?
again, i'm slowly learning how to bake with gluten free ingredients. they are usually twice the price and not always sold in my local grocery store. so baking has become a much bigger process than i've been used to.
however, i'm grateful for my health. 
there was three weeks of not knowing if it was something more serious. 
to only have to change my diet is a blessing.
so yeah, i've got this under control.  


Sarah said...


Did you know that I have celiac? I was diagnosed about 6 years ago and have eaten strictly gluten free ever since. (I don't even eat the sacrament bread.) I have been thinking about posting GF recipes on my blog. I have learned how to take a gluten full recipe and make it GF with some little changes. Also learned how to make my own GF flour mixes and it is way cheaper than the store bought packages. Anyway, check out, it is where I have learned most of this stuff. Good luck!!

Stephanie said...

I am so sorry! This bites! I'm glad you are feeling better though and that it wasn't anything serious (cancer!) I have noticed that Winco sells a lot of Gluten free products in bulk and they have a whole gluten-free section. Their prices tend to be reasonable. I have also heard that you should order a lot online. Hope this helps a little! I'm always looking out for my Celiac's friends bc to me, that seems rough!

Marisa Jean said...

Having seen a huge change in your body since getting sick, I'm glad you finally figured this out. And am beyond relieved you did not have cancer! Gluten free diets are so hard, but totally doable, especially if it makes you feel better!