Sunday, May 20, 2012

photo-a-day: date night

except for this weekend, where we had a date both friday and saturday, date nights aren't too common for us. i wish it was a once a week thing but life somehow has a way of squashing those dreams. although, i must say, we do find time to spend time together in other ways when we can't get a date in. ice cream and a movie after the kids are in bed has kind of become our thing. i love it. quality time with mark is awesome in any form. 
this weekend we had a chance to have two dates in a row, like i said before. 
friday we had dinner with some friends to celebrate our darling lisa's birthday. she's been a close friend of ours for over 7 years now. we love that girl. 
we took the time after dinner to have another friend take our picture to document the fun night out. seriously, what's better than awesome friends, delicious thai food, lots of laughter and time spent with my cute guy? in my opinion, not much. 

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Marisa Jean said...

Two dates, in a row? I don't think I even did that without kids. Ha ha. You two are the cutest couple on the planet. Of that I'm convinced. When I can actually eat real food, we should go to this place. Sounds tasty.