Monday, May 14, 2012

mothers in my family

for mother's day, the mero gang all had dinner together at my parent's house. 
fresh fruit. 
homemade cool whip. 
potatoes and sausage. 

we also enjoyed talking to my missionary brother, joe. he sounded great! we sure do miss his face around these parts. 

after dinner, i made all the mothers take a few pictures together. let me say, these are not the most flattering pictures, but i love them. i was trying to get the ladies to strike poses but that didn't quite happen. mostly just a lot of laughing AT me occurred.
getting lined up - rachel, amy, me, mom, laura and jess

just excuse my retarded jacket
i was going for a charlie's angles thing...
but this happened instead.
more awkward poses
and back to normal.
 i love these ladies. really, like i adore them. 
they are all great mothers (and future mothers). 
it's nice to have more girls in the family. my brothers have chosen some good ones. 
my mom and my sister have always been the best.
happy (late) mother's day to you all!


Anonymous said...

I love these and I love your hair! I know you debate cutting it. . .but DON'T!! It's so pretty!

PS-You're pretty with short too, I just love it right now!

Marisa Jean said...

Giggle! I love the Charles Angels one.