Sunday, May 20, 2012

living traditions festival

on saturday we went to the living traditions festival downtown. we had never been before but our friends, the larsons, have been going for years and invited us along. 
there was food, crafts and entertainment from different countries around the world. it was fascinating. 
the food was delicious. 
mark had the hardest time deciding what to try. 
the choices were overwhelming
we ended up with a pakistani dish as our main course. divine. but we also tried some japanese food, tahitian food and drinks from the italian vendor. i kind of have a thing for italian strawberry soda. oh, and our friends let us sample some of their salvadorian pupusas. it's a corn pancake with cheese melted inside of it. i'm not a big fan of cheese but it was great.
two nights in a row of wonderful friends and food. it was a good weekend for this girl.
see how excited marisa is about her pupusa?


Stephanie said...

You guys need to stop being so stinking cute!

Marisa Jean said...

It was so fun having you guys come with us. I didn't realize you don't like cheese...that hurts my heart a little. Sorry I forced that paupusa on you. Ha ha. Whoops. Even if not everyone cares for them, I'm convinced they have magical powers, which is why I ate 3, alone. Mmmm....

Mental note: next time, let's bring our own TP, or ya know, portable potty. We could charge for use since it's probably more sanitary than those nasty "bathrooms".

Marisa Jean said...

P.S. I'm expecting my rug soon! Ha ha.