Wednesday, April 04, 2012

things that make this girl smile

this quote is from president hinckley. oh how i loved him. 
this thought probably goes through my head at least once a day. it's a good reminder for when i'm taking life a little too seriously. i do that. it's not always good. 

so here is what i'm enjoying...

is this really any surprise? i found a new chocolate frosting recipe that i kinda love. a lot. cupcakes save the day for me sometimes.

another food item. again, not a surprise. salads covered in fruit. pretty much awesome. zupas and i are becoming best friends.
remember how i said in my girl's night post that i scored $5 t-shirts at old navy? yeah. this one is my favorite to wear. it reminds me of another one of my favorites - the beach. 
and the biggest smile of all comes from this...

holy bright light! sorry about that. the point - i'm working from home full-time these days. this has been my first week. i've set up a pretty decent schedule for myself and izzy has been super accommodating. yay for staying home with my kiddo and being able to still make some money!
yep, there's a lot to smile about!


Natalie said...

LOVE this post! I love the quote, the cupcakes, the yummy salad, the adorable shirt and the cute pic of you working. How luck you are to be able to work from home. I would just love that!! Great post, you always look fabulous Em! I love how long your hair is getting too! SO pretty.

Marisa Jean said...

What great news!!! I know you've wanted to be home for a while, so this is a perfect solution. Congrats!

Jess said...

What do you do for your job-from-home?