Sunday, April 01, 2012

a spectacular way to spend a saturday night

what's more spectacular than:

1. pedicures with the girls, especially for a very pregnant jess who hasn't seen her toes in months. come on little baby boy, your arrival sooner rather than later would be greatly appreciated by your mother.

2. a quick trip to old navy resulting in a stack of $5 shirts for me, mom and jess. 

3. meeting up with the men after the priesthood session of conference for sushi. it was divine.

4. a trip to farr's for some frozen yogurt. salted caramel yogurt topped with all sorts of berries and chocolate. yeah. it was awesome. 

5. cruising in my dad's new beamer while blasting 'we are young' by fun. 
(ps. notice that he also has a song by lil'john and ludacris. that's my dad!)

answer: very little is more spectacular than spending a saturday night that way. 

it was just what this worn out chick needed at the end of a very long week. 
my family is the best.

again, i apologize for the not so great pictures. i'm hoping to get a better camera for blogging soon.


Laurel said...

None of those men look like Mark, unless he shaved his face, and we all know what that means...

Marisa Jean said...

Holy perfect girls night out!

Stephanie said...

That sounds like a PERFECT night!!