Monday, April 02, 2012

my baking helper

this is how i bake. 
izzy dressed up in some sort of costume (always!), sitting as close to the mixer as she can so that she has a good view of every ingredient i put in the mixer. she usually has a question about every little thing i do during the mixing process. she turns the mixer on and off for me. she's really good at it...just ask her, she'll tell you. when the mixing is done she immediately asks to taste it. and she always loves it. 
she's my number one baking fan.
hopefully she becomes a baker too because when i'm a little old gray haired gal, i'm gonna need someone to make me cookies. daily.


Laurel said...

Pirate cookies! Those actually sound REALLY good. What a nice little daughter.

Chalise said...

Oh how fun. I just noticed today that I have a message on my phone from the other day that failed to send. Sorry. You probably thought I was totally ignoring you. Not true. I'm so excited that you get to work from home. What a huge blessing and I'm sure it will help relieve some stress in your life. I haven't seen Hunger Games yet. I hope to this weekend but what are your thoughts on it?

Marisa Jean said...

You have a Bosch?!? Lucky! Amazing machines, and you always create yummy treats in them. I am cracking up at izzy's outfit. Ha ha! So cute.m