Sunday, April 22, 2012

a lovely day for a cake party

olivia is turning eight tomorrow. it doesn't seem like she should be that old yet. time goes too fast. 
she asked to have a birthday party with some friends so that's what we did yesterday.
it was a cake party to be exact.
we had lunch, opened presents and decorated cakes. each girl got her own cake plate and mini cake. i taught them a few different ways to use the frosting tips and then let them go to town. it was cute to see their own little personalities shine through their decorating. 
we had a vintage theme going with different shades of pink and white. to keep with that theme, i took the pics with my "polaroid" camera.

the happy birthday girl
lunch. mini sandwiches, cookies, chips and lemonade. the girls took home mini bags of candy from the candy jars.
the whole gang
this is the cake i decorated for liv's actual birthday cake.
liv's finished project. i think she's hooked on decorating. she did a really good job!
happy birthday, olivia! love you!


Carole said...

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Cameron and Rachel said...

You are amazing Emily! What a fun thing to do for Liv's birthday. See you tonight!

Amy said...

This is completely fantastic!!!

Stephanie said...

Perfect party for a beautiful little girl!! Looks so fun! You are such a great mom!

Marisa Jean said...

Most amazing birthday party, ever! I love the theme and decor and idea. And her real birthday cake is GORGEOUS! So amazing!