Sunday, April 22, 2012

a lovely day for a cake party

olivia is turning eight tomorrow. it doesn't seem like she should be that old yet. time goes too fast. 
she asked to have a birthday party with some friends so that's what we did yesterday.
it was a cake party to be exact.
we had lunch, opened presents and decorated cakes. each girl got her own cake plate and mini cake. i taught them a few different ways to use the frosting tips and then let them go to town. it was cute to see their own little personalities shine through their decorating. 
we had a vintage theme going with different shades of pink and white. to keep with that theme, i took the pics with my "polaroid" camera.

the happy birthday girl
lunch. mini sandwiches, cookies, chips and lemonade. the girls took home mini bags of candy from the candy jars.
the whole gang
this is the cake i decorated for liv's actual birthday cake.
liv's finished project. i think she's hooked on decorating. she did a really good job!
happy birthday, olivia! love you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

an evening of baseball is always a good idea

gov leading 'take me out to the ballgame.'

hanging out with my little family plus some of the mero gang. 
eating hot dogs and cotton candy for dinner.
spending an entire evening sitting next to my husband.
the kids spending time with their grandparents.
a perfect april night.
the bees winning the game.
oh, and pretty much all of it being free.

always a good idea.

ps. a little shout out to my mom for hooking us up with the tickets. her job in the governor's office certainly has it's perks sometimes.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

the not so dead crab

i was just sitting here thinking back on our trip to hawaii. 
that happens a lot. 
i don't think we've ever enjoyed a vacation together as much as we enjoyed hawaii. it will always be a special memory for us. 
but thinking back on the trip, i remember a little crab that we discovered in the sand on one of our walks on the beach.
i was completely you might be able to tell by how high pitched my voice becomes.

poor crab.
but i appreciate the memory!
here's to hoping another trip to hawaii isn't too far in the distance.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

things that make this girl smile

this quote is from president hinckley. oh how i loved him. 
this thought probably goes through my head at least once a day. it's a good reminder for when i'm taking life a little too seriously. i do that. it's not always good. 

so here is what i'm enjoying...

is this really any surprise? i found a new chocolate frosting recipe that i kinda love. a lot. cupcakes save the day for me sometimes.

another food item. again, not a surprise. salads covered in fruit. pretty much awesome. zupas and i are becoming best friends.
remember how i said in my girl's night post that i scored $5 t-shirts at old navy? yeah. this one is my favorite to wear. it reminds me of another one of my favorites - the beach. 
and the biggest smile of all comes from this...

holy bright light! sorry about that. the point - i'm working from home full-time these days. this has been my first week. i've set up a pretty decent schedule for myself and izzy has been super accommodating. yay for staying home with my kiddo and being able to still make some money!
yep, there's a lot to smile about!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

ethan and his batmobile

ethan's pinewood derby batmobile. he designed it and helped mark build it. he was really proud of it.
racing against his friend, hunter.
award for the battiest car.
i found these cute girls at the derby...
and i found this hot derby judge. i might not have his attention here...but don't you worry, he came home with me. *wink*
ethan had a blast and is already planning his car for next year!

Monday, April 02, 2012

my baking helper

this is how i bake. 
izzy dressed up in some sort of costume (always!), sitting as close to the mixer as she can so that she has a good view of every ingredient i put in the mixer. she usually has a question about every little thing i do during the mixing process. she turns the mixer on and off for me. she's really good at it...just ask her, she'll tell you. when the mixing is done she immediately asks to taste it. and she always loves it. 
she's my number one baking fan.
hopefully she becomes a baker too because when i'm a little old gray haired gal, i'm gonna need someone to make me cookies. daily.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

a spectacular way to spend a saturday night

what's more spectacular than:

1. pedicures with the girls, especially for a very pregnant jess who hasn't seen her toes in months. come on little baby boy, your arrival sooner rather than later would be greatly appreciated by your mother.

2. a quick trip to old navy resulting in a stack of $5 shirts for me, mom and jess. 

3. meeting up with the men after the priesthood session of conference for sushi. it was divine.

4. a trip to farr's for some frozen yogurt. salted caramel yogurt topped with all sorts of berries and chocolate. yeah. it was awesome. 

5. cruising in my dad's new beamer while blasting 'we are young' by fun. 
(ps. notice that he also has a song by lil'john and ludacris. that's my dad!)

answer: very little is more spectacular than spending a saturday night that way. 

it was just what this worn out chick needed at the end of a very long week. 
my family is the best.

again, i apologize for the not so great pictures. i'm hoping to get a better camera for blogging soon.