Friday, March 23, 2012

that one time i had a princess in my car

let's just ignore the fact that my three year old is sitting in the front seat of my van. or that she isn't wearing a seat belt. or that she's kinda hanging out an open window.
instead, let's pretend that she's a princess who was in a really lovely mood on a very lovely day.
instant smile moment for me. 

ps. she was also practicing her curtsey, dancing around the living room and saying things like, "i've never felt this way before." 

sometimes i wish she wouldn't ever grow up.

(i should also add that i was only driving halfway down my street. this is not the way she normally travels in the car.)


Laurel said...

i wish that for you, too. unfortunately for us, our princesses will belong to someone else someday...

Marisa Jean said...

My favorite is when she says "I've never felt this way before." Ha ha! Too cute!