Friday, March 23, 2012

that one time i had a princess in my car

let's just ignore the fact that my three year old is sitting in the front seat of my van. or that she isn't wearing a seat belt. or that she's kinda hanging out an open window.
instead, let's pretend that she's a princess who was in a really lovely mood on a very lovely day.
instant smile moment for me. 

ps. she was also practicing her curtsey, dancing around the living room and saying things like, "i've never felt this way before." 

sometimes i wish she wouldn't ever grow up.

(i should also add that i was only driving halfway down my street. this is not the way she normally travels in the car.)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

when we were young...

in honor of our 11th wedding anniversary yesterday, i dug up a classic mark and emily dating picture. ready for this? 
look how young! i can't get over my round face or mark's super skinny face with much less hair than he has now. was that really ever us? those two kids were discussing marriage and their future happiness together. life was great. 

fast forward 11+ years...

the grown-up and very married mark and emily.
sorry about the glare. our photographer is nine years old.
these two, who still like to pretend they are kids, are in the midst of experiencing that happiness they discussed so long ago.
it hasn't always been as easy as we imagined. in fact, it's been downright difficult sometimes. but we're still here. together. much more in love than our young selves so long ago could've ever imagined.
life is still great. 
happy 11th anniversary to us!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

our creative girl

this is the product of olivia rushing home after school one day and asking for toilet paper, glue and paper.
i'm pretty sure she still had her coat and backpack on while putting it together. she felt the need to create that very minute and she did. she is super creative, that left handed child of mine. 
i love it. 
i mean, i love that she wants to create. all the small pieces of paper and big messes left in the wake of her creativeness isn't something that i particularly love but that's just part of the deal with liv. oh, and don't get me started on the fact that my tape is ALWAYS missing from my desk...  

don't you love how the bird is wearing a necklace with a penguin on it? that's my favorite part.