Wednesday, February 29, 2012

shopping + dessert = a perfect girl's night out

a fun girl's night occurred last night. it involved most of the women from my family (jess and nicole were missed!), way too much dessert, way too much money being spent on clothes (mostly me) and staying out way too late. sounds like a perfect girl's night, right? yes indeed! 

i'm a really conservative shopper. i don't go very often. i never spend very much. oh, and i usually only buy things that are black. i'm grateful that my sister is very much the opposite. she knows how to shop. so does my mom. and so do my sisters-in-law. they help me enjoy it and try things that i wouldn't normally go for but end up loving anyway. i walked out of forever 21 with two tops, a maxi skirt and some shoes. only the shoes are black. not too shabby. 

after shopping we figured we needed dessert. over to mimi's cafe we went. 
holy smokes. 
their dessert list is awesome. like out of this world.
my hot chocolate. i figured i needed it after my super long cold walk from my van to the restaurant. oh, wait, it wasn't cold and i got front row parking right in front of the building. i think i'm still trying to justify getting it.
my bread pudding. it was heaven. it looked awesome before i started digging into it but i was so excited i forgot to get a picture. you can imagine...
my sister-in-law rachel (cam's wife) with a slightly confused little lexy and my mom. aren't they all cute?

i adore this baby. she's just about the sweetest thing ever...besides my own children, of course.

my sister laura and my sister-in-law amy (brigham's wife). my stylish shopping partners.

these kind of nights need to happen more often!


Stephanie said...

Sounds like the perfect night! You are all beautiful ladies :)

Marisa Jean said...

My husband would be in heaven if I shopped like you.

Your family is beautiful. Like more than the ordinary cute. Lucky.