Thursday, February 09, 2012

a good life

my favorite day in hawaii.

a few years ago i put together a little list about me. a list of what makes me happy, grateful and strengthened. as i was looking back through my blog the other day, i ran across that post and thought maybe i should put together a more updated list. 
it's been nice to take the time to think about all the things that make me the person i am. 
sometimes life doesn't really let me dwell on those things as much as i should amid the bills, errands, lack of sleep, laundry, never ending cleaning and so on.
here's my list:

i laugh the hardest while playing games with my siblings. it gets silly. it's one of the rare times my guard comes all the way down.

i am grateful to be a mother to a smart and caring boy, an independent and stylish girl and an over the top funny baby girl.

i am blessed to be in a home i love. a home that gives me space, comfort and warmth.

i am fulfilled when i am creative. crafts, organization and baking. i find me through these things.

i am strengthened by my knowledge of the atonement of christ. 

i am proud that i taught myself how to run. running and i are not friends. never will be. however, completing a few 5Ks was a pretty great feeling for this non-runner.

i am comfortably ME in the warmth of the sun, sitting by some kind of water (the beach is the best but a pool will do), with a pile of magazines and a cold soda at arm's reach.

i love cuddling up to a warm husband and chatting at the end of the day. truly my favorite thing ever.

i wish i owned a little bakery with a bookstore attached. mark could introduce his favorite books to new readers. i could bake to my little heart's content. it's all very charming in my head. 

i'm glad i'm getting older. life can be hard but it can also be oh so sweet. the small moments of happiness are actually what makes life wonderful. age helps you realize this.

and i'm happy because of all of these things.

the old post can be found here.


Amy said...

This is such a great list!

thedoodlegirl said...

You are a lovely writer and a lovely person. I so enjoyed reading this! You are the coolest. And that Hawaii pic is kinda awesome.:)

Marisa Jean said...

I love your dream of owning a bakery and bookstore. You should make that a reality.

Jonathan and I would have to share a welding shop and fabric store...either it'd go up in flames in three days flat or we'd go broke in no time because those two do not compliment each other quite the way books and yummy treats do.