Wednesday, February 29, 2012

shopping + dessert = a perfect girl's night out

a fun girl's night occurred last night. it involved most of the women from my family (jess and nicole were missed!), way too much dessert, way too much money being spent on clothes (mostly me) and staying out way too late. sounds like a perfect girl's night, right? yes indeed! 

i'm a really conservative shopper. i don't go very often. i never spend very much. oh, and i usually only buy things that are black. i'm grateful that my sister is very much the opposite. she knows how to shop. so does my mom. and so do my sisters-in-law. they help me enjoy it and try things that i wouldn't normally go for but end up loving anyway. i walked out of forever 21 with two tops, a maxi skirt and some shoes. only the shoes are black. not too shabby. 

after shopping we figured we needed dessert. over to mimi's cafe we went. 
holy smokes. 
their dessert list is awesome. like out of this world.
my hot chocolate. i figured i needed it after my super long cold walk from my van to the restaurant. oh, wait, it wasn't cold and i got front row parking right in front of the building. i think i'm still trying to justify getting it.
my bread pudding. it was heaven. it looked awesome before i started digging into it but i was so excited i forgot to get a picture. you can imagine...
my sister-in-law rachel (cam's wife) with a slightly confused little lexy and my mom. aren't they all cute?

i adore this baby. she's just about the sweetest thing ever...besides my own children, of course.

my sister laura and my sister-in-law amy (brigham's wife). my stylish shopping partners.

these kind of nights need to happen more often!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

nothing like a little love story...

the office has been on tv for years. jim and pam have been married for a few seasons now. they even have a couple of little babies. however, i've been watching the reruns at night and can't help getting pulled back into the story of how they came to be mr. and mrs. jim halpert.

i'm a sucker for a good love story.

here it goes -
jim and pam work together. pam is the receptionist. jim is a paper salesman. they are the only two seemingly normal people in the office. they play pranks on their co-worker, dwight. hilarious. pam is engaged to someone else. his name is roy. roy is kind of annoying but pam ignores that fact because they've been engaged forever and just wants to be married. period. jim is in love with pam. pam has no idea but kinda has a little crush on jim too. pam denies this crush. jim just tries to enjoy as many small moments as he can with pam. jim finally reveals his love for pam. pam says she can't be with him. jim transfers to a different office. pam ends up calling off her wedding. jim finally comes back to the office but now he has a girlfriend. pam now loves jim. jim tells his girlfriend that his old feelings for pam are still there. jim and pam start dating. jim proposes. pam says yes. pam gets pregnant. jim and pam get married.

so now that you're caught up, here's a little clip to give you a taste of my favorite little tv romance. clip background: jim is having a crappy day. pam is super tired. they go into a long office meeting...

the sweet little moments in life are the best...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

necklace love

i apologize for the self portrait. sometimes you just have to do it.
 my sister gave me this necklace for my birthday back in december. i love it. i've been wearing it all the time lately. i'm sure it would be easy to make. string, two different styles of beads and fabric between the beads. i actually might give it a try...

thank you, laura!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


we didn't do too much to celebrate valentine's day. dinner at home with the kids, little chocolate treats and a heart shaped cake. simple. 
however, i received a few little surprises the day before valentine's day. 
mark bought me this five year journal. my friend lisa has one and i've been coveting it from the moment she told us about it. mark hunted one down for me on amazon and it showed up on my doorstep on monday. it's awesome. the inside looks like this...
you can write a few lines about your day for five years in a row. smart, right? i've really enjoyed it so far.

also on monday, i received another little present when i checked the mail. a few weeks ago i won a blog contest on THIS here blog. amy is mark's cousin's wife. she is adorable! her blog is pretty great. check it out when you have a minute. her recipes are killer. trust me. here are my winnings...
valentine pillow slipcovers. aren't they so cute? i am so thrilled to have them!

i hope you all had a great valentine's day with your loved ones as well!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

a good life

my favorite day in hawaii.

a few years ago i put together a little list about me. a list of what makes me happy, grateful and strengthened. as i was looking back through my blog the other day, i ran across that post and thought maybe i should put together a more updated list. 
it's been nice to take the time to think about all the things that make me the person i am. 
sometimes life doesn't really let me dwell on those things as much as i should amid the bills, errands, lack of sleep, laundry, never ending cleaning and so on.
here's my list:

i laugh the hardest while playing games with my siblings. it gets silly. it's one of the rare times my guard comes all the way down.

i am grateful to be a mother to a smart and caring boy, an independent and stylish girl and an over the top funny baby girl.

i am blessed to be in a home i love. a home that gives me space, comfort and warmth.

i am fulfilled when i am creative. crafts, organization and baking. i find me through these things.

i am strengthened by my knowledge of the atonement of christ. 

i am proud that i taught myself how to run. running and i are not friends. never will be. however, completing a few 5Ks was a pretty great feeling for this non-runner.

i am comfortably ME in the warmth of the sun, sitting by some kind of water (the beach is the best but a pool will do), with a pile of magazines and a cold soda at arm's reach.

i love cuddling up to a warm husband and chatting at the end of the day. truly my favorite thing ever.

i wish i owned a little bakery with a bookstore attached. mark could introduce his favorite books to new readers. i could bake to my little heart's content. it's all very charming in my head. 

i'm glad i'm getting older. life can be hard but it can also be oh so sweet. the small moments of happiness are actually what makes life wonderful. age helps you realize this.

and i'm happy because of all of these things.

the old post can be found here.