Tuesday, January 03, 2012


fuzzy phone pic
 sometimes it's nice to sleep in. 
 to have lazy mornings. 
to walk around target with three happy kids and no cart. 
to let those three happy kids pick out something fun to buy just because and not really have anything specific on the 'to buy' list. 
sometimes it's also nice to sit at the sonic drive in and eat corn dogs and tater tots and diet vanilla coke (the coke part is for mom only). 
and sometimes it's nice to end that happy day with a bowling date night, a cute husband and completely fun friends. sometimes days like that are just awesome.


Chalise said...

that does sound like a completely fun day

Amy said...

Those are the best days!
Now, I'm really craving a corn dog!

Marisa Jean said...

I could get used to days like that. Sleeping in...sounds so nice. Whimper.