Tuesday, January 17, 2012

you know it's love

when a cute boy posts something like this on your facebook page, you know it's love. especially when you know that cute boy rolls his eyes at showing facebook affection every other day of his life.
this has been on repeat for most of the day today.
it's my new favorite song.
the cute boy has always been and will always be my favorite.

ps. you can ignore all the random pictures on the video...unless you love that kind of thing. enjoy!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

a cute discovery

it's nice to turn on my phone and find a cute picture of my girls.
usually i find blurry pictures of the floor. they are way cuter than my floor. just sayin.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

cookies and happiness

i've been making a lot of cookies this week. they're supposed to be curing my grumpy mood. i don't think the cookies got the memo. but they sure do taste yummy nonetheless! 
don't worry, this grumpy mood is on it's way out. life isn't fun when you're grumpy. being happy is much more pleasant. i'm sure this is common knowledge but i guess i'm a slow learner. 

thanks to the following grumpy mood killers i think i'll be fine.

izzy sings 'mary had a little lamb' in the sweetest little voice.

a good husband who says, "i will have patience with you for as long as you need." ps. my reply to that was to yell, "i'm not being THAT difficult!" yeah, not cool. but mark is very cool for letting me just work through whatever it is that's going on.

playing basketball with ethan. he got a new ball and a jazz jersey for christmas. yeah, he's gonna be a hoops star, i'm calling it now.

olivia is pretending that she's repulsed by justin bieber but i think she's secretly in love. i remember that. new kids on the block, anyone? i totally understand this girl way more than she thinks. 

grey's anatomy. parks and recreation. awesome shows. i'm also about to start watching friday night lights for the second time. that show is television at it's best. these shows warm my heart.

friends. i have some of the best. just sayin. i include my siblings and siblings by marriage in this mix. i love hanging out with that little crew. laughter dominates our gatherings. little mission brother is missed. but he's doing one heck of a job. that makes me happy.

working from home on fridays. me in my pjs just working away while izzy plays. it's appreciated. i'm a stay-at-home mom who's temporarily playing full-time working woman. being home is being me.  

see, this grumpy mood can't last too long with all of this goodness hanging around. 
i'm sure of it.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

a beautiful day for a wedding

brigham and amy are officially married. yahoo! it was such a beautiful day for it too! it's january and in the 50s? unreal. but we'll take it!
i couldn't be more thrilled for brig and amy! they make a great little pair and their future holds a lot of happiness. i just know it. 
let me set the scene for you. sealing was held at 230pm at the provo temple. amy is from that area and had always wanted to be sealed there. today was only the sealing...the reception is tomorrow. so here are a few pics that i took with my phone at the temple (my phone camera is working better than my real camera so it'll have to do for now). enjoy the randomness.
the happy couple. i loved all of the lace on amy's dress.

an action shot. and the real photographer's arm. oops.

my brother evan, my grandma pat and my mark. we couldn't really escape the sun for most of these pics.

my cute sister laura and her husband steve. don't they look thoughtful? i think they are smiling for a different photographer.

now this is rare - a decent pic of us together. someone's eyes are usually closed. or mark's talking. this one is a keeper.
these are my girls. l to r: jess (married to evan), rachel (married to cam), me and laura. we're all looking at different photographers, can ya tell? and poor jess had the sun right in her face...

this is the reaction you get when mark tells jess that she needs to suck in her tummy. she's six months pregnant.
ev and jess at the family dinner after the temple. ev always did love the camera! aren't they cute?

this pic is really random but i love cam's face. priceless.
and there you have it. i loved every minute. and we get to do it all over again tomorrow at the reception. bring it on!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


fuzzy phone pic
 sometimes it's nice to sleep in. 
 to have lazy mornings. 
to walk around target with three happy kids and no cart. 
to let those three happy kids pick out something fun to buy just because and not really have anything specific on the 'to buy' list. 
sometimes it's also nice to sit at the sonic drive in and eat corn dogs and tater tots and diet vanilla coke (the coke part is for mom only). 
and sometimes it's nice to end that happy day with a bowling date night, a cute husband and completely fun friends. sometimes days like that are just awesome.