Wednesday, December 07, 2011

the traced hand

izzy has been drawing a lot lately. she's always asking for paper and crayons. sometimes she asks for a pen. usually that's because the older kids are doing their homework and she tries to copy them. she'll ask me how to spell things and then make little scribble marks on her paper. i've at least been successful at getting her to write her name the correct way. 
however, her very favorite thing to do is trace her hand. i find papers all over the house of her little (and sometimes really exaggerated) hand. 
recently i found her hand tracing on more than just paper.
yep, that's my light colored rocker with her hand on it. 
i was in the shower when she decided to have a little drawing time. when i came out, she was so excited to show me what she had drawn. she was quite proud of herself. 
i just laughed.
i couldn't bring myself to yell at her. don't get me wrong, she was punished. and she's not allowed near anything that doesn't say "washable crayon" these days. 
mark found some awesome cleaner at work (the perk of him working at a place that makes those kind of chemicals) and was able to completely remove the hand.
oh my sweet izzy.


Chalise said...

it's to bad that "hand prints" are not in style right now or you would have some great fabric on your chair.

Marisa Jean said...

Oh. My.

I love that you laughed. I think I would have cried. But yay for mark having awesome products to get it out.