Tuesday, December 27, 2011

oh thirty two

yep, it was my birthday yesterday. thirty two. wow. 
i have to get my license renewed today. i remember when i got it, looking at the expiration date and thinking,"i'll be 32 when i need a new one. i can't even imagine being in my thirties." it seemed too far away.
well, here i am.
to be honest, i never feared leaving my twenties and i don't think i'll dislike leaving my thirties when the time comes. twenties brought mark, babies and lots of changes. and while life still changes daily, my thirties have brought fun older kids, a stronger marriage and more time to do things for me. i love all of the growth and learning and confidence that comes with age. getting older seems like a blessing, not a loss. i'm only two years into my thirties, of course, but if they've gone this well so far i look forward to whatever else they might hold in store. 
here's to thirty two!

ps. the striped shirt is thrifted from DI. $3.


Laurel said...

You are looking hot for your thirties! And stripes are awesome, you got a smokin' deal!

Anonymous said...

You look great as always! I am not going to lie leaving the thritys is ruff. I am still in denial and it has been a couple of years. I hope you had a great birthday!

Marisa Jean said...

If I look half as good as you do in my thirties, I'll be one happy lady!