Sunday, December 04, 2011

looks like christmas at our house

i finally set up a few christmas decorations. thanksgiving was super busy and i just needed a small break to recover before diving into the christmas season. but it's here now. i love it. i'm considering leaving the tree up all year. i can't get enough of just staring at the lights at night, in the quiet after the kiddos hit the hay. and it takes up the space under the window that i've had a hard time filling with some sort of decor...if i'm being honest! yep, i really do love this time of year.
my grandma shirley always gets the kids these singing toys. izzy turns all three of them on at the same time. not sure how much longer these are going to be out of storage...

the advent calendar my grandma pat made for me and my siblings. it's old. but it still does the trick and i love it.

my mom bought me this set a few years ago. simple and beautiful.

love gold at christmas...or anytime. i'm thinking my mirrors need to be dressed up in one way or another all year.
i made those blocks last year with my mom, sister and sister-in-law. the trees my mom had when we were little. its great to have so many christmas items now that i had growing up.

someday i'll have a tree that i can really decorate the way i would like but for now i think it's great to let the kids take over. the ornaments are colored balls that they picked out from target when they were little. no breakables. they get a kick out of decorating "their" tree.


Amy said...

I'm going to have to take this idea and use it on my blog! I have those little glass trees and had them growing up! I am so loving your mirrors!

Marisa Jean said...

Pretty! I love seeing some of the decorations from your growing-up-years. I didn't put anything out until last week. And it will all be down the day after Christmas. I guess I'm a grinch when it comes to decorating. Your kids are lucky to have you! :)