Tuesday, December 27, 2011

oh thirty two

yep, it was my birthday yesterday. thirty two. wow. 
i have to get my license renewed today. i remember when i got it, looking at the expiration date and thinking,"i'll be 32 when i need a new one. i can't even imagine being in my thirties." it seemed too far away.
well, here i am.
to be honest, i never feared leaving my twenties and i don't think i'll dislike leaving my thirties when the time comes. twenties brought mark, babies and lots of changes. and while life still changes daily, my thirties have brought fun older kids, a stronger marriage and more time to do things for me. i love all of the growth and learning and confidence that comes with age. getting older seems like a blessing, not a loss. i'm only two years into my thirties, of course, but if they've gone this well so far i look forward to whatever else they might hold in store. 
here's to thirty two!

ps. the striped shirt is thrifted from DI. $3.

Monday, December 26, 2011

holiday greetings

i made a last minute attempt to put together a family christmas card but it didn't quite work out. i'll try to pull myself together a little better next year and get those cards out. i really love all of the cards we've received. we have some great friends and family! 
in the place of that card, here are a few pics from our christmas celebrations.
after church. the older kids made amazing time changing back into their pjs.
ethan and liv waiting for presents to be passed out

cousins, missing little will and lexy.
some of the fam gathered for presents
we had a really nice christmas. we hope you did too!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

my two little ladies

i didn't get the memo to make a silly face.

pictures were all taken with only the light from the tree. it's a little dark. but added the the fun of the evening.
those moments when you're sitting on the floor with your two girls on a sunday evening just chatting and being silly are good moments. hopefully, as they continue to get older and too cool for mom, we'll still be able to have those moments. my girls are pretty great. being their mom is pretty great too.

Friday, December 09, 2011

q&a 2011

disney. nov. 2011.
it's been almost two years since i've officially interviewed my kids. although, being their mom, i think i hear about all of these things on a daily basis. my kids like to talk. they get it from their dad...and i mean that in the nicest possible way. izzy wasn't included last time since she was still a sweet little babe. she is always highly entertaining. and she didn't disappoint today.
here we go...

ethan (9):
1. favorite food? your orange chicken.
2. favorite book? book of mormon reader.
3. if you could spend one day anywhere, where would it be? bahamas
4. what's your favorite thing to do with dad? go see movies.
5. what do you want to be when you grow up? architect.
6. if you could choose one thing to buy yourself, what would it be? xbox360.

olivia (7):
1. favorite food? turkey sandwich made with leftover thanksgiving turkey.
2. favorite book? if you give a dog a bone...
3. if you could spend one day anywhere, where would it be? disneyland again!
4. what's your favorite thing to do with dad? rough house.
5. what do you want to be when you grow up? a vet
6. if you could choose one thing to buy yourself, what would it be? a blue ds

izzy (3):
1. favorite food? chicken from mcdonalds.
2. favorite book? dora the explorer.
3. if you could spend one day anywhere, where would it be? the bathroom. (she turns to olivia and bursts into laughter). answer #2: harmons (grocery store). she likes their carts that look like cars and i hardly ever go there so it's a real treat for her when we do go.
4. what's your favorite thing to do with dad? play the piano.
5. what do you want to be when you grow up? i just want to watch other people work. (said with a very serious face)
6. if you could choose one thing to buy yourself, what would it be? a pink ds.

you can totally see their personalities in the answers. olivia might be my mini me in appearance but ethan totally has my personality. i love that. olivia is a bit more adventurous. she and mark have a lot in common. and izzy is just silly. her nickname lately has been dizzy izzy because she has so much energy and personality...it'll make you dizzy! 
my kids are pretty dang awesome.

the old q&a can be found here.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

the traced hand

izzy has been drawing a lot lately. she's always asking for paper and crayons. sometimes she asks for a pen. usually that's because the older kids are doing their homework and she tries to copy them. she'll ask me how to spell things and then make little scribble marks on her paper. i've at least been successful at getting her to write her name the correct way. 
however, her very favorite thing to do is trace her hand. i find papers all over the house of her little (and sometimes really exaggerated) hand. 
recently i found her hand tracing on more than just paper.
yep, that's my light colored rocker with her hand on it. 
i was in the shower when she decided to have a little drawing time. when i came out, she was so excited to show me what she had drawn. she was quite proud of herself. 
i just laughed.
i couldn't bring myself to yell at her. don't get me wrong, she was punished. and she's not allowed near anything that doesn't say "washable crayon" these days. 
mark found some awesome cleaner at work (the perk of him working at a place that makes those kind of chemicals) and was able to completely remove the hand.
oh my sweet izzy.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

my second turkey

mark and i went bowling on friday for date night. actually, we started the night with crown burger for dinner. yum! crown burger and bowling...pretty much a great night out! oh, and frozen yogurt after bowling. can't forget the dessert! yum again! 
but i'm getting off track...
we went bowling.
and this happened for only the second time in my entire life...
i had three strikes in a row! a turkey, if you will. i'm not a great bowler so this is a big deal. 
mark still beat me.
but he never managed to get a turkey!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

looks like christmas at our house

i finally set up a few christmas decorations. thanksgiving was super busy and i just needed a small break to recover before diving into the christmas season. but it's here now. i love it. i'm considering leaving the tree up all year. i can't get enough of just staring at the lights at night, in the quiet after the kiddos hit the hay. and it takes up the space under the window that i've had a hard time filling with some sort of decor...if i'm being honest! yep, i really do love this time of year.
my grandma shirley always gets the kids these singing toys. izzy turns all three of them on at the same time. not sure how much longer these are going to be out of storage...

the advent calendar my grandma pat made for me and my siblings. it's old. but it still does the trick and i love it.

my mom bought me this set a few years ago. simple and beautiful.

love gold at christmas...or anytime. i'm thinking my mirrors need to be dressed up in one way or another all year.
i made those blocks last year with my mom, sister and sister-in-law. the trees my mom had when we were little. its great to have so many christmas items now that i had growing up.

someday i'll have a tree that i can really decorate the way i would like but for now i think it's great to let the kids take over. the ornaments are colored balls that they picked out from target when they were little. no breakables. they get a kick out of decorating "their" tree.