Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a little thrifted dress

i'm really intrigued by people who thrift shop. you know, the ones who can walk into a thrift store and come out with a creative and cute outfit. or, like my husband, have the patience to look over every book and find some pretty great classics. 
so i thought i would put myself to the test. 
i've redone furniture in the past. i still need to post those pics, don't i? 
now i'm onto clothes. 
i started at kid to kid looking for clothes for, well, my kids. they have some great stuff! my brother's girlfriend works there so it's fun to go in and chat it up with nicole while i dig through the clothes for some gems. i'll try to post pics of the kids in their outfits as the clothes are worn.
first up, izzy in her cute little dress.
dress: $5. tights: $2 target. boots: handed down from her cousin.
doesn't she make the cutest little model?
i spent some time at my local DI today and walked away with three tops. $12. i'm pretty happy with myself. i think i have a new addiction. at least it's relatively cheap, right?


Marisa Jean said...

I've only purchased a few items from "real stores" since I was 17. I buy nearly EVERYTHING from thrift stores. Always have. Always will.

Allison said...

Can you put pictures up of your tops too?! ;) I want to learn how to thrift because I'm way too good at spending too much money on full-priced clothes! That outfit of hers is so cute! I'm impressed.

Laurel said...

I used to work at DI. Yep, it was bad. I had closets full and when we got married and my parents brought over my boxes of books that they didn't want anymore, I think Andrew may have questioned marrying me. I am only slightly better than I used to be at walking away from a good deal, which is why I only shop for food these days...