Tuesday, November 08, 2011

izzy meets some crazy characters

izzy wanted a picture with just about every disney character. and we made it happen! while mark or i were off with the older kids on a ride izzy was just a bit too short for (like an inch!), we found characters in the park for her to take pictures with. it actually worked out perfectly every time.
here's her character photo gallery
jesse from toy story



buzz lightyear

pooh bear

sully from monsters, inc


sleeping beauty


mickey mouse, of course! her number one picture request.

minnie mouse. her number two picture request. liv was back from her ride in time to hop into the picture as well.


Marisa Jean said...

You're not kidding! She seriously scored on meeting the big-wigs.

I love the one where she's hugging Pooh Bear. Awww...so sweet!

Allison said...

You have the cutest little girl in the world! And all of these posts are making me want to go to Disneyland sooo bad! :)