Monday, November 14, 2011

its in the lyrics

the last couple of weeks i've been listening to this song on repeat. it doesn't get old. i think i've listened to it five times already today. the lyrics get me every time. they say exactly how i feel about the last couple years of my (our) life.
i'm gonna get personal for a minute. it's my blog, right?
the last three years have been difficult. i think i've said that before. as a result of some of these difficulties, my personal beliefs and my marriage have taken a hit. there's ups and downs in life but for a while i (we) was (were) on a downward dive that was starting to get too difficult for me (us) to pull myself (ourselves) back up. i throw "us" and we" in there because a strong marriage takes two people, right?
you're darn tootin!
but before i lead you to believe that we are still in this downward dive, let me assure you that we are not. thanks to some very hard work, special people and overwhelming blessings, we are on our way back up. it's pretty dang great. life is good now. and we're still working on it. always will be. that's the way life is.
so this song says exactly how i feel.

i'm letting go of the devil on my back. all these past issues are disappearing for me (us). the visual of shaking it out/off is awesome. so if you see me dancing around more (which for your sake i hope you don't, coordination isn't my strong suit), you'll know what i'm actually doing.
shaking it out.

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Marisa Jean said...

I think everyone goes through points where they don't feel 100%. And anyone who's been married knows how when you aren't feeling your best, it can have an effect on your marriage. Or at least that's the way it goes with us. It's the fact that you can bounce back from those points that matter.

I've never heard this song, but I really like it! And I must see some of this dancing of yours. Ha ha. :)