Saturday, November 12, 2011

brigham & amy

thanks for letting me use some of your pictures, amy!
my brother, brigham, is getting married in january. he met amy though my parents. yep, they did it again. my mom set up laura and steve as well. she is quite the little matchmaker! my parents were having dinner at outback steakhouse, where amy was their waitress, and they got her number for brigham because they immediately thought the two of them would get along so well. they were right! january 4 is the big day. i'm excited for them and look forward to getting to know amy better. she has amazing taste in clothes. just sayin. some fun shopping days may be in the near future.


Karl and Afton said...

Congratulations! Makes you wonder if arranged marriages would work in the Western hemisphere.

Marisa Jean said...

What the random? Your parents are amazing. Some of the men my dad tried to hook me up with still send a shiver through my skin. NOT MY TYPE. But she's adorable! Yay for new in-laws!!!