Friday, November 18, 2011

breaking dawn at midnight

hi. my name is emily and i'm addicted to the twilight saga. 
the books kept me entertained while constantly (it feels constant sometimes, doesn't it?) nursing a newborn. the movies have made for fun, late nights out and a reason to swoon over robert pattinson. yes indeed. you better believe i'm team edward!
breaking dawn opened at midnight last night. 
yep, i saw it. 
it was awesome. yes, awesome. 
even the super awkward sex scenes and wolves talking to each other like they're scooby-doo. the movies get better as they go. i'm looking forward to part two.


Natalie said...

Just got home from seeing this, I agree!! They couldn't have ended it any worse though! I want that second movie to release next week!! Haha.

Marisa Jean said...

I love how excited people get about this film. I'm not a huge twilight fan, although I did read all the books. I think it was that awkward honey-moon that did kind of ruined it for me. But I do love that people get a thrill out of it.