Monday, November 28, 2011

birthday letters

sorry about the quality. i really really really need a new camera.
my dad's birthday is this week. friday to be exact. he and mom are in hawaii for two weeks to celebrate, not only his birthday, but also their anniversary that was last sunday. i know, he leads a hard life! he's a lucky man indeed. 
after thanksgiving dinner on thursday (which was glorious, by the way), all the family gathered in the living room and asked my dad to join us. he had no idea we were giving him his birthday present early. he sat down in the rocker and we handed him a stack of envelopes wrapped up in twine. in the envelopes were letters that i've been gathering over the last month or so from those close to my dad - family and friends from all different areas of his life. i think he ended up with about 30 letters. it was fun to watch him open them and relive some of those memories. most were funny memories. a few he couldn't finish reading because they made him a good way, we're told. he's becoming rather sentimental in his "old" age. 
that dad of mine is a pretty good guy, if i do say so myself.


thedoodlegirl said...

Wow!! He's sure lucky to have a thoughtful daughter like YOU! What a great idea!!

Natalie said...

That is such a sweet idea Emily!! I'm sure he will cherish this birthday for a very long time. : )

Marisa Jean said...

What the...that is the sweetest gift I've ever heard of! I might have to steal that idea because it's BRILLIANT! How sweet! And how ambitious of you!