Friday, October 28, 2011

things that make this girl smile

(found on pinterest)
so life can be annoying, right? we all can relate. there's something almost everyday that we wish we didn't have to deal with or that we could ignore. but there's also great things that happen everyday, something that makes us smile. i've been trying to concentrate on those things more. life really is good. and here's a few things that are making me smile.

first, i've discovered two new blogs. for the love and the daybook. have you heard of them? click on the names and check it out for yourself. i love their ability to find cute thrift store outfits. i actually really envy this ability. i'm working on it though. but do you know how much patience you have to have to sift through all those racks of clothes to find the gems? anyway, back to the point...these blogs make me smile. i like their sense of self and sense of style. they dress the way i aspire to. they spend the amount of money on clothes that seems ideal (pennies!). and sarah's short hair style on the for the love blog...holy's amazing. someday i might have to just go for a style like that. i imagine it would be a freeing feeling.

hot chocolate. i can't get enough of it these days. my house gets pretty chilly at night, and in an attempt to save the heater from being on too much, i just bundle up and have myself some hot chocolate. mint chocolate, to be exact. it makes me smile. 

okay, back to the discussion on clothes. i found these boots on pinterest and now i'm on a quest to find some. i've never been a huge fan of boots but...come on...these are just darling. boots, layers, scarves. yep, fall clothing makes me smile.

i'm back to going to the gym on a regular basis. i canceled my membership a while ago because i just didn't have the time to go and i was wasting money on something i didn't use. well, a few pounds later, i'm back to the gym. i've made it a priority again. it's the me time i need sometimes. i feel happy after i go. here's a little secret - gold's gym has opened mini gyms that they call gold's gym express. it's a condensed version of the real deal...and it has a condensed price. $10 a month for the gym? sure thing! it has everything i need in a gym. and that makes me smile. 

izzy has started making up songs. i look forward to hearing her latest hits everyday. they range from, "i love cheese, I love cheese, oh yeah!" to "hello kitty's cute, hello kitty's cute, oh yeah!" there's always an "oh yeah" in there somewhere. she's pretty dang cute, if i do say so myself.

oh this man. he's my favorite. period.


Amy said...

I love your list...especially the hot chocolate part. I'm about to break out the Cocomotion here in a little bit!

Marisa Jean said...

I have thrift shopped for clothes for years, and it's actually sifting through the racks and racks of clothes that's my favorite part. For some reason it relaxes me. I bet you could find some cute boots at a thrift store if you look hard enough. Or at, which would cost a bundle, but you'd get what you were looking for.

And yay for the express gym! I heard about that a while ago and plan on going there when my membership another year. I like cheap! :)

Chalise said...

Oh I love this. Lovely post and you look adorable

Emily Frame said...

what are the odds!? thanks for reading & for shopping at bijou!!